Marketing For Martial Arts

Marketing for martial arts doesn’t have to be any different to marketing any small business. Your marketing should be direct response marketing. Direct response marketing means you can measure the response of your potential customer. Take a look at my previous article on Martial Arts Advertising for an overview of what to consider when marketing your Martial Arts business.

Marketing For Martial Arts

Since my previous article covered Martial Arts Advertising methods, this one will deal more with Marketing specifics. As I mentioned in the previous article, there are various ways to market your Martial Arts Business. Google Places, Google Adwords, Facebook, Bing and Yahoo are just a few of the paid-for and free advertising methods you can use in your martial arts business. But how exactly should you use these methods?

Starting With A Small Budget

Start with a small budget for your pay per click advertising campaigns. I would recommend starting with Google Adwords and targeting your advertising specifically at the keywords surrounding your business. You can use Google’s free keyword planner to find keywords within your business area. Once you have found a few keywords which match your business, you can start a campaign. By targeting only the keywords which specifically match your business, you have more chance of finding the right students for your business. Do this by using and {exact match} search. More on this later.

marketing for martial arts

Starting An Adwords Campaign

Start your Adwords Campaign by setting up an account and going to the ‘campaigns’ at the top of your account. Click on the “add campaign” button as below in red:

marketing for martial arts

Then choose the search and display network you want to choose.

marketing for martial arts

Local Search

After this you will be given the option of targeting a specific location with your local search. This is great for a locally based martial arts business. You can even target a circumference around your school with this tool. Let’s use the previous example of a Karate school in Birmingham, UK:

You can also get more specific about your exact location, and only target around your immediate district.

Targeting around your school may mean you don’t get your adverts shown when people are searching from further afield. However, it’s a good way to keep your budget low when you start out. Plus, local people are more likely to come to your school the less they have to travel.

Over time you can extend where you want your adverts to show. Just make sure your keywords are right so you don’t pay for clicks which don’t turn into students. Although this is an inevitable part of pay per click advertising, you can reduce the number of ‘tyre kickers’ and inappropriate clicks by targeting your keywords specifically, using local search only and paying attention to the different match types.

Negative Keywords

You can also use negative keywords to remove unrelated searches which may be used in conjunction with your search terms. For example, people may be searching for “martial arts dvd’s”. You definitely don’t want your advert showing for this kind of search. If it does, you’ll end up paying for those people to click on your adverts, who most likely are far away from your location and only want to watch a DVD, not attend one of your classes. Using local only search and negative keywords for terms like “DVD”, “Films”, “videos” and other unrelated keywords, you can minimize potential wastage of your budget, and maximize your potential reach.

Match Types

There are three match types in Google Adsense program:

  1. Broad Match
  2. “Phrase Match”
  3. {Exact Match}
Broad Match

Broad match can be used to include anyone who uses your keywords in any order and with any other terms. For example if you used the terms “Karate Classes”, in a broad match on Google, your advert will show for anyone searching terms like: “karate classes Glasgow”, “classes to learn karate for free”, “online karate classes” etc. A you can see, if your class is in Birmingham, you definitely don’t want your advert to show for those keywords. You will have paid for someone to go to your website, realise that it’s not what they wanted, and click away. Each time this happens it costs you money.

Phrase Match

“Phrase Match” lets you show your advert to anyone who uses your search terms in the order you place them. For example, if you use “karate classes in Birmingham”, your advert will only show when someone uses that exact phrase. They may also put words either end of the phrase. For example “where are my nearest karate classes in Birmingham” would trigger your advert to be shown. Also, your advert would show for “cheap karate classes in Birmingham“, or “children’s Karate classes in Birmingham”. As you can see, it is wise to use exact match searches to eliminate any waste in your budget on advert impressions which don’t match what you offer. If you didn’t offer children’s classes, in this example, you would have wasted budget by showing your advert for the wrong search term. You can also use phrase match in conjunction with negative keywords to maximize your potential reach and to eliminate inappropriate clicks and wastage.

Exact Match

Exact Match is denoted by [these brackets]. An exact match is probably the safest way to start a campaign if you are unsure what to do. With an exact match keyword you get to specify exactly what your advert will be found for. If you put in [Martial arts in Birmingham], for example, your advert would only be shown for that exact phrase in that order with no other words added. Start with your exact location and style for the best results. The term Martial arts is very broad. If your school is a Tae Kwon Do school, use the exact match of [Taekwondo in Birmingham], for example. You can add as many exact match phrases as you like.

Marketing For Martial Arts

Marketing for martial arts can take various different forms. Look at my other article for more methods of marketing for martial arts: Martial Arts Advertising.

Facebook is another effective method of marketing for Martial Arts. This is because you can target your local area, much like with Google Adwords. However, it’s best to learn how to market your school with one medium really well, before moving on to the next one. Once you have figured out Google Adwords, leave your campaign running and bringing in new students for years to come. Then move on to Facebook advertising.

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